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Les services pour des personnes physiques 

Le droit du logement

5. La protection des droits de salariés

6.  La protection des droits de consommateurs

7.  Le droit de la famille

8.  La propriété intellectuelle

9.  L’assistance pendant les incidents routiers

10. Le droit administratif

11. L’aide fiscal

12.  La rédaction des documents

13.  La défense juridique

Les services pour les entrepreneurs

1. La consultation des spécialistes

2.  Li droit des sociétés. Les actions.

3. L’audit juridique

4. L’enregistrement des entrepreneurs

5. La licence

6. Les biens immobiliers

7.  Le droit foncier

8. Le droit fiscal

9.  Le droit du travail

10. Le droit du travail

11. Le droit administratif

12.  L’assistance juridique aux transactions

13.  La règlementation extrajudiciaire des litiges

14.  La résolution des différends avant la Cour

15.  Les cours. Les cours de première instance. La cour administrative

16.  La procédure d’exécution


Payment for legal services in Armenia

There are various options on how to form the price for legal services in Armenia.

The cost of legal support depends on such factors as:

•     time and effort required for executing the order;
•     the complexity and importance of the issue (the case);
•     the claim price (the disputable sum) on civil cases;
•     results of dispute resolution, trial;
•     the urgency of the task.

Currently, the most common are the following payment systems:

•    one-time-cost legal services indicated by stable sum;
•    time based (hourly, daily, gradual cost legal support);
•    payment of the final result (when the prices of legal services depend on the outcome of the case).

As a rule, the price of legal services to provide the client's interests in court by stable sum is paid, especially when "success fee" is not applicable (this is especially true for housing and family disputes). Also, prices for legal services are determined by a fixed sum for execution of works that occupy a small period of time and expressed in a set of predetermined actions needed to achieve the desired result: the registration of companies, real estate transactions, drafting contracts and other legal documents.

Time phased prices for legal services may vary by the time units.
Hourly rate is usually applied when executing a work can be more or less exactly calculated in hours: when advising, participation in negotiations, meetings, preparation of inquiries legislation. The client pays for services on the issued invoices to him, in which time spent by the lawyer on the decision of those or other legal issues is underlined, and this is the process of service delivery.
A similar system is used to determine the price for legal services on “familiarization with the case.” In such cases, the number of pages is multiplied by a certain amount of time necessary for "studying" of one page.
Hourly rates for legal services  is the most common way to pay lawyers in the United States and the majority of the western countries. Time spent by the lawyer, as a rule, is reflected in the reports represented to the client. These reports also may be claimed by the Court in case of addressing the issue of allocation of court fees (including the cost of legal support) to the opposite side.

The principle of hourly payment at definition of the price for legal services in the relationship between clients and lawyers just gets accustomed in Armenia. A problem on the way of its introduction was the fact that the client often doesn't understand the technique of time calculation of services of the lawyer (or doesn't trust it), and that it is difficult for the client to predict the financial costs on lawyers. Perhaps such a method for determining the price for legal services will become more familiar with an increase in the overall level of legal culture in Armenian society.If the prices for legal support are established for payment of long-term relations, the paid period undertakes month or quarter (three months), as a rule.This system of payment is known as user's legal service.
Daily cost of legal support as a rule is applied in relations with the commercial organizations, less often, with loyal customers-citizens (for example, prices for legal services to the so-called house counsel).
The price of legal services in the form of "success fee", that is depending on concrete result usually puts rate of commission of the lawyer in dependence on issue of a suit and, as a rule, is directly proportional to the awarded or returned sum. Dependence of the price for legal services of the outcome of the case, of course, encourages the Executive to achieve precisely the result which the client needs. Conditional fees are widely distributed in the determination of prices for such legal services as legal representation in court. In this case, the cost of legal support is determined as a percentage of the amount awarded by a court decision in favor of the client.
If the judgment is taken out not in favor of the client the price of legal services for the client aspires to zero: the lawyer doesn't receive any compensation, but has the right to apply for indemnification of the suffered expenses.
The cost of legal support (for legal representation in court) in the form of contingent consideration is possible for those types of cases that are related to money judgments, for example, claims for compensation for damage to property or collecting money debt.

The lawyer company “Your Jurisconsult” tries to satisfy the requirements of the clients as much as possible. Our prices for legal services - below average in Yerevan, while our clients are always free to choose their form of payment.

Pour l'information plus détaillée écrivez sur l'adresse  info@jurist.am  ou appuyez sur le bouton inférieur et soyez connectés au Skype.

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